Sunday, October 19, 2014

Garmin Virb Elite

it's been awhile since posting, but I just returned from a trip to Deals gap (the tail of the dragon) on the wee-strom and was able to use a garmin virb elite. Thought I would share the video here so others can see the quality and some of the overlay options.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

why would anyone ride a motorcycle???

it's been a while since I posted on here, mainly just been riding around on the new vstrom and loving it. But today I came across a video that some of my friends where passing around on facebook. The video is called "Why Ride a Motorcycle?". After watching the video I decided I needed to share it also. So here I am to share the video. All of us can sit around and show off our scars from our mishaps on bikes, and could even tell horror stories of wrecks that we've witness that will make the toughest of the tough cringe. So when people here us talking about these things one of the questions that pops in there head is "why even ride a motorcycle?" well this video answers just that question. Watch and share, this awesome video.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vstrom (new bike)

I'm back, took a long time off from the blog. Since I've last updated the site I've had a lot going on. Me and my wife bought a house that is a bit of a fixxer-upper, but good news on that is I'm closer to some decent roads, and I now have a good size garage. So with the extra garage space the Kawasaki and the Yamaha looked a little lonely so I thought it was time to add a Suzuki to the mix. Pick this bike up about a month ago, it was a left over vstrom 650 ABS from 2011. Talked to the dealer about it and found out he really wanted it out of the store so he could quit paying interest on it. We worked out a deal and I got a really nice price on it and all for zero percent interest through Suzuki. Now I've been looking at a vstrom for a long time, at first I thought I'd go for a 1000, but I just couldn't pass up the deal that I got on this 650. After a few rides that I've done on this I'm really happy with the 650 and don't think the 1000 would have been much better for what I'm using this bike for.

Now I've been looking at a vstrom for a long time, at first I thought I'd go for a 1000, but I just couldn't pass up the deal that I got on this 650. After a few rides that I've done on this I'm really happy with the 650 and don't think the 1000 would have been much better for what I'm using this bike for.
After a few weeks of just horrible weather we had a nice weekend this week, temperatures where in the mid to high 60's almost no wind and partly cloudy, you couldn't ask for a better March day for riding. So I suited up and head out to Land Between the Lakes (LBL) for a little adventure riding to work on breaking this bike in. By this point I still only had 300 miles on the bike so I'm still taking it easy on the bike for the break-in and for me to still feel more comfortable riding it. Now I don't follow the break-in to the tee but I do take it easier then normal. So as I make my way over to LBL I head down the first dirt road I can find. As stated before we've had some pretty bad riding weather out here recently and there was still a lot of wet and muddy roads, and at first this one didn't appear to be that bad till I started down the hill. It was all mud, and I was thinking to myself, well this is going to be fun. So I made sure to take it slow till I got a feel for it and to make sure I could still maintain control. About halfway down the hill I was feeling much better and was able to relax a little more and enjoy the ride (I do love these dual sport tires). About 2 miles down this road it comes to an end. I can see a little bit of Lake Barkley through the trees off in the distance, but I just knew that I could find a path to get me closer, so off I went. After a little ways I found myself in a nice little spot over looking the lake.  

Standing there looking down at the beach, I had decided I wanted to ride next to the water. I couldn't go any further in the direction I had been going, or I would have rode off the side of a cliff, and even though I feel this vstrom can take almost anything I throw at it, I don't think it would be very good at cliff diving. So I get the bike turned around (not very easy when you have trees on all sides of you), and I head back down the way I came. About half a mile away from where I was I decided to turn north east in search for a path to get down to the beach. I was lucky enough to find another dirt road that was cutting through then I came across the sign. 

I decided to turn around and look for a different route. As I was riding back I did happen to notice a footpath off to my left and thought to myself "sure, why not" and at first it was a tight fit getting my bars through the trees, but about a 100 yards down the path it opens up and I had found the spot I was looking for. I'm going to have to remember this area for if I ever want to do any camping out there, there was already a makeshift fire pit on site. So after a short ride down the incline I could snap the photo that I was wanting.

After this little off road adventure I decide it was time to head down the trace and get a few curves in before heading to the observatory for the Amateur Astronomers meeting. That's when I noticed the sign for the Bison Range, I have been through the bison trail on the KY side of LBL (no bikes allowed) but I didn't know this was there. So I pulled over for a quick photo with the bison.

After 200+ plus miles of riding it was time for me to head to the observatory, not much to report from there other then club business since as you can tell from my photos it was way to cloudy to do any viewing. But all in all it was a nice day out and I'm really happy with my first real ride on the vstrom 650. Can't wait for more adventures. 2013 is going to be a good year. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LSB Trackday

Been a long time since updating the blog, will try to update more often. But this weekend the people over at had their 6th annual LSB trackday at Putnam. Thanks to hurricane Issac a lot of people ended up not showing up. And the ones that did barely got anytime on the track. It was still a fun weekend hanging out with everyone and for those that did brave the weather and ride, we had a very little amount of get offs considering the circumstances. So all and all we made the best of it and still had fun. Here are a few of the photos I was able to take through out the day. Most from the cold pit or the garage, hopefully next time we'll have better weather and I'll be inside the turns on the track to get some better action shots.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just realized I haven't uploaded a photo of the old 1965 Yamaha 250 Big Bear yet.

This is all I have to show right now, but plan on taking some better shots this weekend if the weather is nice.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

progress on the gas tank

most of you might have noticed I haven't been posting to many ride reports lately. It's mainly because I had some issues with my gas tank. One of the welds seemed to have formed a crack from all the abuse I put it through riding off road and the two times it's been down. Took it to my father in laws and we did a quick weld job on it that will hopefully fix the issue. Now all I need is to finish up the paint. Today I started on laying down some coats of primer and thought I'd take a couple photos to share. First photo I'm putting up just because I think it looks funny because it looks like the tank is floating.

Floating tank

The second photo is a shot of the setup, I went to the hardware store and got two 2x4's 8 feet long and had them go ahead and cut them at six feet. And I had two extra 2x4's that were 4 foot already. I screwed the 4 foot one to the top of the two six footers, then screwed on the two feet using the 2 foot long 2x4's. I used a couple scrap pieces of 2x4's to hold the bottom 4 foot long board in place and screwed it on for extra support, I then tied fishing line around the top and then through the two bolts on the back of the tank. I'm not real comfortable with the fishing line right now, so soon as the primer dries I'm cutting it down and running some 40lb cords I have, but for now I've laid a few camping mats under the tank to break the fall just in case the fishing lines fail.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Restoring the old Yamaha YDS3

Been spending time scrapping about 40+ years of mud off of the recent 65 big bear that I purchased from craigslist. I'm about ready to start getting some work done to it. Been making a list of parts that I need and prioritizing them. First on the list is new rims, front and back. Found some decent ones on ebay, but also got an email from someone letting me know where another big bear is close to me, so going to give him a call before I order anything. Hopefully I'll get enough done soon to take some new pics and will keep all of you updated.

Thought I'd go ahead and share an awesome chart I recently found when checking prices for the tires for the project. The front tire size is 3.0/18 but trying to find that tire size has proven to be hard since most places sale them in metric sizes. So I found the chart that will convert the size over for you. Hopefully some can find this chart helpful.

happy building to any one out there restoring bikes, if so feel free to send me pictures of your projects and some information and I will share them on bikerblogger if you'd like